Located Inside

Lessard Lanes

Plainville, CT

(860) 747-8700

Roto Grip Rumble

When I hit the lanes, it's a no-holds-barred fight for victory. I come in with a fierce punch and beat down my rivals with every pin I crush. I'm all about putting the big hurt on the competition. But what I won't knock out is your bank account — that just ain't cool. So next time some alley chumps want to battle, tell 'em
"Let's Rumble."

Coverstock Name: 55M™
Coverstock Style: Solid
Coverstock Type: Reactive
Weight Block: Late Roll 51™
Color: Orange / Black
Finish: 2000-grit Pad
Finish Method: Can be polished
Durometer: 73 - 73 D-scale
Flare Potential: 3" - 4" / Medium-Low
Weights: 10 - 16 lbs