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New technology equipment ensures speed, accuracy, consistency, and quality performance from every purchase at Competitive Edge Bowling

Put Consistency Back Into Bowling!

We feature the Haus Resurfacing System, the finest, most accurate way to return your ball back to its original specifications.

After just 30 or 40 games on wood or synthetic lanes, balls lose consistent cover reaction. Regular Resurfacing with the Haus Resurfacing System can:

IMPROVE YOUR GAMES Bowling consistency throughout the seasons requires consistent cover reaction. Regular resurfacing with the Haus Resurfacing System can help achieve that crucial consistency.

LENGTHEN YOUR BALL'S LIVES By resurfacing balls every 30-40 games with the Haus Resurfacing System, minimal ball surface is removed, avoiding the need to remove deep track and drop areas, and extending the length of time your ball meets USBC Specifications.

ASSURANCE OF RESURFACING CONSISTENCY The Haus Resurfacing System provides consistent, accurate results - time after time. Unlike manually resurfaced balls, our automated system maintains and returns balls back to original manufacturer's specifications or better. Operator error is virtually eliminated! The entire ball surface is refinished -- not just the drop and track area.


Ovalmatic Drill Press

Ovalmatics have been around since 1979 when they were first introduced to the Professional Bowlers Tour (PBA). Our equipment has been used on the PBA tour since that time exclusively. It is also the equipment of choice for the PBA senior tour as well as the PWBA. The ovalmatic drilling machines are the most accurate and fastest machines to drill a bowling ball.


Rejuvinator and Revivor

Restores ball performance. Innovative has designed this unit for the sole purpose of extracting oil from reactive bowling ball cover stocks. Drawing out the oil by the use of thermal reaction is a proven method of bringing back the original characteristics of the ball. The Revivor removes the oil with an even, digitally controlled heat pattern so as not to damage the bowling ball. Balls should have the oil extracted approximately every 40 to 50 games, depending on the lane conditions and the level of performance each bowler wishes to maintain.