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Why You Should Come to Competitive Edge Bowling

We are committed to your bowling success. Our staff can help you raise your game to the next level. Today's equipment requires knowledge and training to maximize it's performance. Why go to someone that "sells" when you can come to a pro shop that cares.

Bowler Evaluation

No two bowlers are the same.
Each bowler creates a different type of ball roll.
A trained technician will watch and notate ball speed, rev rate, axis rotation, axis tilt, trajectory, potential problem areas and strengths of your game. Each time you purchase a ball from us this information will ensure the optimum performance.

Engineering Your Fit

Your hand is unique.
It is complex.
It is your connection to the ball.

Our job is to understand your hand and design a fit.

Twelve or more measurements. And that's just the starting point! Our skills ensure a proper fit taking into account strength, flexibility, skin texture, finger size, and shape. Comfort and performance are the most important characteristics of an individuals fit and will
NEVER be overlooked.

Performance fit is also an option for experienced bowlers who are looking to achieve a more elite level. Making small adjustments while still maintaining an optimum comfort level can help a bowler achieve a difference in ball roll that can increase scoring potential.


Ball Selection

Whether you are a once a week bowler or a tournament bowler your arsenal should match your needs. Each ball has been designed by the manufacturer to achieve a specific motion. However, the bowler and lane conditions effect the ball performance. Using the bowler evaluation, lane condition evaluation, and intended motion (smooth curve or sharp curve) as guides we help you select the right ball.

The ball must match up with all the variables to be the right ball. Therefore, gathering information is crucial to a good choice.

Ball Layout and Surface

You have the right ball and fit, but achieving great ball reaction requires more.

The engineers at the factories put a lot of technology into a ball so you can bowl higher scores. The driller must use this to maximize scoring.

Our drillers use Mo Pinel's Dual Angle layout method whenever possible. It is the most accurate and versatile way to fine tune the right ball into the perfect ball.

Finally, surface adjustments tweak the ball for the best ball motion available,

Just for you!